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Cheap Motorhome Hire

Luxury on a budget

Nowadays many family budgets are strained, and one of the first things to go will be the holidays abroad. The expense of travelling to an airport, paying for parking there, booking a hotel and then eating out every day is often just too much in today’s recession climate. A holiday such as this can leave a big dent in the annual budget, even if a family end up choosing a substandard hotel and fly with a cramped budget airline.


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UnbeatableHire are market leaders in the Motorhome Hire UK market. One great solution is to choose a cheap motorhome hire for your holiday. There are no hidden costs, and you are in complete control of all aspects of your holiday. Often people see the ‘bargain’ prices advertised by budget airlines only to find that once they have paid the taxes on the price their final bill is not so budget. Hire a motorhome and what you see is what you get.


Cheap motorhome hire

UnbeatableHire offer cheap motorhome hire and motorhome rental UK with a touch of luxury. All models in the fleet offer ample sleeping spaces, DVD and flat screen TV, air conditioning and cruise control. But the true luxury in a motorhome lies in the sheer convenience and relaxation that it offers. Many people find that after getting to the airport, through security and travelling to their hotel, they spend half of their holiday recovering from the experience. Why not make the most of every moment of your holiday, with less hassle and more time for relaxation?


Call on 0330 403 5164 For a No Obligation Quote or click to Book Online!

Your motorhome holiday starts from the minute you collect your UnbeatableHire motorhome. No queues, no waiting rooms, no hassle. Just the open road and the choice is yours where you go, and how long you stay in each destination. This is the luxury of choice and convenience, on a budget to suit most pockets.


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