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IT Glitch Causes Long Delays For Refundable Deposits

UnbeatableHire apologise for the recent IT glitch which caused late refunds and issue a call to address any outstanding customer concerns.

The UK’s largest motorhome hire company, UnbeatableHire Limited, has confirmed that IT glitches resulting from new systems were the cause of long delays for the repayment of over £200,000 worth of customer’s refundable security deposits over the past nine months and has issued a call to remedy any outstanding customer concerns.

Cambridgeshire Trading Standards recently investigated the firm after becoming concerned about the high number of complaints received.

“At first we thought the refund system was working fine - we could not find any issues but the complaints continued to grow,” said Andrew Hughes, Managing Director of UnbeatableHire Limited.

Since October 2017, customers had been reporting problems with the length of time taken to receive their refundable security hire deposits back. The company estimates that around £200,000 worth of deposits had not been repaid on time, and have now been refunded.

The IT issues have affected around three hundred customers over the last nine months claims the company, or around 5% of the total customer base. Poor customer service at the time meant many customers had to resort to chargebacks from their credit card provider and in some instances the small claims courts to get their money back.

The company admitted that it had been slow to resolve their IT problems and unreservedly apologises for the inconvenience and distress caused to the customers affected. A change in merchant provider was blamed for the long delays.

 "On multiple occasions our system showed that deposits had been refunded, but clearly that was not the case. We have now refunded well over £200,000 in deposits to those customers affected and can assure all customers that the problem has now been fixed.’

 “Around three hundred out of several thousand annual hires were affected. Additional training and extra staff have since been recruited to ensure that in future, all deposits are paid out on time. We would like it on record that we are extremely sorry for the unnecessary stress and anxiety caused to many of our valued customers over the past few months.” 

“We believe the matter to now be resolved but if there are any customers who have not had their hire deposit refunded please contact our credit team on for immediate attention.”

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